International Mail Art Egypt 2014 „Promoting Culture“

10258065_329847480532277_7314281300460905583_oInternational Mail Art Egypt 2014 „Promoting Culture“ Opening: Thursday, 16 October 2014, at 6:00pm
Curators: Reem Hassan and Moataz El Safty, Organizing by EAN group for international artistic cooperation with a collaboration with Atelier of Alexandria – Address: 6 Victor Basilli street, Alazarita the participants 168 artists in different fields from 25 Countries: Egypt, Japan, Iraq, Chad, Pakistan, Turkey, Spain, Romania, Italy, Germany, Jordan, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, India, Austria, USA, Northern Ireland, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

EAN egyptian artists network is a non profit website for some Egyptian artists, hosting their artworks, news and their activities, it’s aim to provide artists and the definition of the Egyptians for the various institutions and activities inside/outside of Egypt and give the opportunity for their participation in workshops, residency,..etc., it’s created to host a digital network of communication between the members of EAN and the others visual artists, workshops, centers and residencies in /out of Egypt. in addition to create a network between events in Alexandria with the others in Africa and all countries.

10410209_757739204287464_3374847426597695245_nIn Arabic EAN means eye in English, for bright flashing points in the formative artistic movement that sheds light on a group of artists in several artistic fields. it aims at the convergence of these enlightened points in the nucleus of the coming generations to renew the artistic dialogue through gathering in a single point again, EAN performs a dialogue of cultures through holding activities of local and international workshops and preparing the appropriate environment through different arts. and also will allow to the artists to involved by the development of their views and their vision of art through the reports for tours field, which would carry out.

EAN is serves to activate and enrich artistic, cultural and intellectual movement in the city of Alexandria and activates events and partnerships for technical projects between Alexandria, Africa and the World, relying on the principle of cooperation and dialogue with others through organizing a series of collective local, regional and international workshops and exhibitions. This is in addition to courses in the fields of visual arts, media and broadcast for various age groups and social classes.

this site is away from the official institutions or private institutions and provides also an opportunity for the new generation of young artists to display their experience to allow them the opportunity to participate in  International activities. this site will be within the international artistic networks, which is based artistic events of international goals.

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